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Hi. I'm Dinda Nur Oktaviani, nick Dinda. I'm 14yo. I stay in Indonesia. I was born in Jakarta, September 4th 1998. Yaa I'm virgoan! :D. I muslim, very proud can be part of billons of muslim in the world, Alhamdulillah.
I love my family! I have one brother, his name is Ferry. He is 9yo. I love my friends too, and I have bestfriend(s)! I love they because........ umm I can't giving the reason >_< hehe. I believe with 'magic sentence'; "Man Jadda Wa Jada", mean is "Whom it can be serious, surely he/she". It's Arabic mahfudzot (Proverb in Arabic). 
I love Cherly Yuliana Anggraini a.k.a Cherly Chibi. She is Rock\m/ she is leader of Indonesian Girlband, Cherrybelle, hehe. I love Dian Pelangi too. She is hijab fashion's blogger in Indonesia, She is designer too. She very beautyyy! She is also known outside of Indonesia. They're (especially, Cherly) like a power for me. I love Cherly's attitude and she voice, and I love Dian's style ;D.
I love to sing, but my voice was not good. No problem, I can sing in the bathroom. Bathroom make my voice good . Haha xD. I love Miiko, too! Miiko is very cute! She's figure in comic, 'Hai, Miiko!'. The author of Hai, Miiko! is Ono Eriko. She is Women. I love your comic, Mrs. Ono! :D.
Umm, maybe enough to writing about myself. If you want to be my friend, you can follow my twitter: @dindavia hehe.
Keep awesome and see you in next post :) 

- Dinda:)

(sorry for the false words, because I can't speak english fluently. I k
eep learning to be better)

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